Lorina Petrovna Repina

Graduated from the Moscow State University (MSt in history, 1971) and postgraduate school of the Institute of the World History (1974). PhD in history (Institute of World History), dissertation: ‘Medieval townspeople and feudal state in XIV-th century England’. Has worked in the Institute of World History since 1975. In 1998, successfully held a habilitation; dissertation: ‘Social history in the historiography of the 20th century: academic traditions and new approaches’. Professor (2002), Associate Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2011). Vice-Director in research of the Institute of World History (since 1999), vice-chair of the dissertation board, the head of the Centre for Intellectual history and the Department of Theoretical and Historical Studies. Developed the research programmes of the Institute of World History: ‘Historical conscience and society’, ‘Gender studies and historical synthesis’ and collective research projects ‘Dialogue with Time: historians in the changing world’, ‘History and Memory: historical culture of Europe before Modernity’, ‘Images of Time and Historical Representations: Russia – the East – the West’, ‘Ideas and Persons: Intellectual Culture of Europe in Modern Time’.

Head of the Department of Theory and History of the Humanities (Institute of Philology and History, Russian State University for Humanities); reader in history (courses: History of Great Britain, Cultural and Intellectual History of Modern Europe, History of Historical Knowledge, Historical Theory and Intellectual History, Social Memory and Historical Culture from the Renaissance to the Age of Empires).

Founder and president of the Russian Society for Intellectual History, member of the International Society for Intellectual History, of the Board of the International Committee of Historical Sciences, of the International Commission for the History of Towns and International Commission for the History and Theory of Historiography at the International Committee of Historical Sciences, member of the Russian Association of Medievalists and Historians of the early Modern period, of the Association for British Studies. Winner of the N.I. Kareev prize of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2009: ‘for a series of works on theory and methods of world history’).

Editor-in-chief of a historical journal ‘Dialogue with Time’. Member of editorial boards of the following periodical editions and historical almanacs: ‘the Journal of Culturology’, ‘Modern and Contemporary History’, “Odysseus’, ‘the Middle Ages’, ‘Historical Studies’, ‘Culture and Art’, ‘Adam and Eve’, ‘Sensus Historiae: Studia interdyscyplinarne’ (Poland), ‘Contrahistorias: la otra Mirada de Clio’ (Mexico), yearbooks ‘Ейдос: альманах теорii та iсторii iсторичноi науки’ (Ukraine) и ‘Frontiers of Historiography’ (China).

The list of publications includes 395 books, articles, chapters in collective works and reviews.